Many cat owners do not realize how important heartworm prevention is for cats. Infection with adult heartworms nearly always causes death of the cat.  Did you know one mosquito can cause a fatal heartworm infection in cats?

If you have a picky cat like we do then they might not eat the Heartgard pill.  There are other options.

Interceptor Flavor Tabs are oral tablets that can be fed to your cat by hand or mixed with food and might be worth trying if your cat doesn’t like the Heartgard.  It also can be given as a pill form.

Advantage Multi is a topical solution for application to the cat’s skin once a month.

Revolution is applied to the skin surface once a month.  It has minimal absorption into the body but cats tends to lick their skin and this will increase absorption.  Selemectin is the main ingredient and it might not be as effective as other products for heartworm prevention.

See your vet first to get a heartworm test before treating.  It must be negative before you start any heart worm prevention.

This article by lists the best prevention products for cats along with some valuable information about heartworm prevention.

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