photo by TheKitchn.comHave you ever wondered what parts of a Scallion (aka Green Onion) that you can eat? The green or white parts? Well, the answer is both but they are used differently depending on your recipe.

The white parts are firmer and can be used in a pan sooner but the green parts have a different texture and can get slimy if used too early in a recipe that involves pan frying.  Most recipes will tell you which part to use.

Generally though the Green Parts are used for more of a garnish and are diced.  The White Parts taste more onion like.

You can freeze Green Onions/Scallions but it will change the texture so its best to use them in stews, sauces or crock pot meals if they were frozen.  I like to freeze the Green and White parts separately since some recipes call for only one or the other.

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