Hydrotherapy – 6x or more –
1 minute in hot water than 1 minute in cold water.
Circulates the blood and carries away the extra blood that cause swelling and pain.
This assassinate the deep tissue concentrate to reach the healing levels.

Rub inDeep Tissue concentrate and cover with saran wrap to keep it working,
Ace bandage wrap to keep saran wrap on.- it will burn so use it sparely at first.

Products are $2 to 4 less with Northern Botanicals
This treatment really works on repairing tissue, my Mother swears by it and many others do to.

Or call 1-800-herbdoc (437-2362) – Dr. Schulze website  He doesn’t list all of his products on his site so you might need to call and ask for specific products.

If you don’t order call to be put on his mailing list.   You will receive his free product catalog (shows health issues and remedies for them and includes the list of products on order forms)

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