Here is some information on Healing deep tissue.  Please see related post Hydrotherapy & Deep Tissue Concentrate for Injuries.

Most large Health food store should have assortment of products for 1st aid injuries, etc. Dr. Schulze recommends his “Deep Tissue Oil”. Jason Cooling Mineral Gel seems to have about the same proprieties. Jason is a brand name for other products.

The person at Farmington Better Living Center (health food store) said the Jason Cooling Mineral Gel has tree tea oil for pain relief, the essential oils and menthol oils for healing torn and damage tissues, and there are no animal products in this bottle.

Some people would call this mixture ligament. I think it is similar to what vets use on animals and what mom used to have years ago for sprains and strains.

Deep Tissue Oil   (Schulze)

Ingredients from Dr. Schulze’s catalog 1-800-herb-doc. See directions below.
Wintergreen Oil, Peppermint oil, Cayenne, Ginger, Arnical flower, Calendula, Marigold flower or
St. Johnswort Flowers, Olive Oil

Dr. Schulze directions: do the hot & cold therapy first. Than apply 1 or more droppersful of the deep tissue oil, rub in well for 10 minutes. Wash hands afterwards, do not get in eyes.

Jason Cooling Mineral Gel

Information from Better Living Center in Farmington, ME

Essential oils – avocada, primrose, Menthol oils *, Tree tea (pain relief),
No animal products

*Note: menthol oils are wintergreen, peppermint and spearmint, etc.

Trama oil

Info from Better Living Center, Farmington, ME.

Arnica and St. John’s Wort