This tip was sent in by one of my site followers.

Christmas can be a stressful time and lots of people don’t have extra money for gifts. Some people don’t like to wrap gifts either so below are some ideas that were sent to me for easy gift giving ideas.

  • Send souvenirs from your home town such as: pinecones, dried flowers, prairie grass, photographs of the area in which you live.
  • Buy small gift certificates and mail them early. Or send e-gift cards by Email.
  • Buy books or magazines for people and mail them early by the mail book rate.
  • Write a poem or short story.
  • Buy calendars, cards, stationery, light weight paper items & create your own gift idea and then mail them early.
  • Buy socks and enclose a $1 in each sock….

Last note is: it is easy to overspend when buying gift certificate because $5, 10, might not seem like much. Be cleaver and find wicked good buys on items before the Christmas season. I dig in the recycle bins at the post office and pick out extra Bed Bath and Beyond coupons since they don’t mind if you more than one at the same purchase.

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