Tip from Bordon Therapy Cat Circle Trick

Cats are so lovable, but they’re also so strange! Let one into the room and within a minute, they’re meowing to get back out again. They’ll try to get you to rub their bellies then bite you for doing it too long! And that’s just the normal behavior!

One kitty owner recently discovered a weird cat quirk that’s quickly becoming an internet sensation, and when you see it you’ll have to try it, too!

It all started with a stray cord laying on the floor in a circle. This owner noticed that his cat would go straight for it every time and sit in the middle of the circle. Odd!








So he tried an experiment and made a red circle in tape on the floor. Again, the cat sat inside its center, as predicted.








The cat loved the second circle just as much.








He shared the results of his adorable experiment on the web and soon cat owners everywhere were trying it and sharing their results.









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