To heal a wound:

  1. Bath tub soak with 1-3 cups of Epson salt – water must cover the wound.
  2. Apply Goldenseal powder & cayenne powder part or Goldenseal & Slippery Elm
  3. End with a sterile gauze pad & tape. May be done 2x day for quicker healing.

Helpful hints on wound cleaning:

  • Do not use alcohol when cleaning wounds,
  • Peroxide or a solution of povidone-iodine and water to irrigate a wound (wash it out)
  • If infected use a wick or a piece or strip of sterile gause to keep a wound open to drain infection out. Prevent skin from healing over before the infection is out.

Good site for using garlic as natural remedies
but it doesn’t go into how to use a garlic clove on a wound to pull infection out. Using garlic clove for wound infection is tricky because garlic burns on skin and sometimes leaves scars.


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