LL Bean Hydro Flask
LL Bean Hydro Flask

Dr. Oz says to upgrade your water bottle to a Stainless Steel one.  Stainless Steel is strong and doesn’t pose any health risks like BPA plastic bottles do.

LL Bean sells a great Hydro Flask bottle that keeps cold drinks cold and hot ones hot!  Unlike some other water bottles there is no straw or sipping top.  Some stainless steel bottles from other companies have plastic tops or plastic straws for drinking and they might contain BPA if not otherwise noted so it kind of defeats of the purpose of swtiching your water bottle if you are still getting BPA.

BPA is a chemical that is linked to brain and reproductive issues and is best to stay away from it entirely if possible.

Be aware of aluminum bottles – they might have a coating inside of them that contains BPA.  Glass bottles are just as good as Stainless Steel but for obvious reasons most people don’t want glass around them when working out.

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