We read online that for good liver function for dogs its best to feed them Kidneys, hearts or liver.  Raw is best but we like to cook it up a little bit on the frying pan with Coconut Oil and then add a can of pumpkin (keep the inside mostly rare).  I priced it out and its much cheaper to make up a big fan full of organs for them and let them eat it for a week as opposed to buying the healthy bones or other packaged mini dinners.  Its just around $6 a week and the other treats are more like $21 – $40 a week!  It’s better for them to have 80% protein in their diet at this age and lots of dog foods – even natural ones are high in carbs.

I just read an article that said cats can have this too.  They don’t care for the pumpkin though and they do get lots of tuna juice and seafood juices so they are already spoiled but we plan to integrate more organ meats into their diets too.

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