photo by Jenni Field's Pastry Chef
photo by Jenni Field’s Pastry Chef

Green Fried Tomato Recipe (by Lewis Bartlett)

  • wash & dry tomatoes
  • slice toms about 1/4 inch thin

  • beat up an egg or two with a pinch of salt & pepper to taste

  • dip each slice of tom into the egg mixture – let the egg drip off of each piece

  • dregs the egg coated piece into either flour or fine bread crumbs (that can be seasoned to taste with Italian herbs, etc.)

  • place the pieces after they have been egged and coated onto a dry plate (so they all can go into the flying pan of oil all at once)

  • heat a pan with enough oil to coat the bottom of the pan & a pat of butter (for taste and browning)

  • when oil gets wrinkly and when you sprinkle a little water in it and it then “spits” then it’s hot enough. Usually I turn the stove dial to = 5-6 o’clock

  • if the toms need a finial coating of flour or bread do it now and then put them into the hot oil

  • fry until the bottom side is brown (peek after a minute or two) turn and fly until brown on the other side

  • to test for doneness – stick a fork into the toms and it should go in & out easily

  • remove from heat & place on paper towels to absorb excess oil

  • Bon Apete 

  • any left overs can be heated up the next day in a toaster oven if you have one or the regular oven

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