photo by Kraft
photo by Kraft

This is a modified half recipe for Kraft’s Double Layer Pumpkin Pie (double it for a full recipe)

2 oz. (¼ of 8-oz.pkg) Philadelphia
Cream Cheese Softened

½ TBSP Milk

½ TBSP Sugar (I use Honey instead)

MIX in Large Bowl until well blended: Cream Cheese, ½ TBSP Milk & Sugar (or honey)

½ Tub (4 oz.) COOL WHIP, thawed, divided in half

Gently STIR in half of the Cool Whip. Spread onto bottom of crust(s).

 ½ cup Milk

½ Can of Pumpkin Puree (7.5 oz)

1 Pkg. (4 serving size each) Jello Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding & Pie Filling

½ tsp. Ground Cinnamon

¼ tsp. Ground Ginger (or fresh)

1/8 tsp. Ground Cloves

POUR ½ cup Milk into large bowl.

ADD: Pumpkin, Pudding & Spices

BEAT with Wire Whisk 2 min. or until well blended. (Mixture will be thick).

Spread over cream cheese layer.

REFRIGERATE 4 Hours or until set.

Dollop with remaining Whipped Cream

½ Honey Maid Graham Pie Crust 3 oz. Or several tiny graham crusts

Makes 5 Servings

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