Step 1:  Took the trash & recycling to the Dump/Recycling Center (that took a week+ to complete).

Clutter Resolution:  Start a new habit of removing the recycling/trash weekly instead of every 6-8 weeks.  Don’t let it pile over.

Step 2 : Found a better place to keep the recycling instead of in the garage.  By practicing step 1 the trash won’t need to be stored in the garage either as long as there is room for it outside in the cans.

A Better Place to Keep the Recycling:

  • I bought a 64 Gallon Wheeled Trash Can to be used for storing the Recycling.  Weekly I will wheel this thing to the Subaru and load up for a recycling trip.
  • I got a 50 gallon blue bin with a lid in which to store returnable cans, plastics, etc. I put it outside next to the trash cans.  It has latches on the sides for the lid which will keep the Racoons out of it.
Recycling Can


Bin for returnables
Bin for returnables


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