photo from Harvest Market Natural Foods blog
photo from Harvest Market Natural Foods blog

An article from Delicious Living Magazine titled ‘Pet Projects‘ has information on feeding Dogs and Cats (which are the new kids now).  Below is a section from the article regarding lean protein but be sure to check out their website for the entire article.

Also, Harvest Market Natural Foods has a list of natural pet food and treats that they sell on their blog.

“Because protein costs a lot more than low-quality carbs like corn, many mass-produced pet foods rely on entirely too much cheap grain. As a result, your dog or cat may get too many carbs and not enough protein. Dry pet kibble typically includes 15 percent to 30 percent protein, but you’ll find some fresh or freeze-dried natural products packing up to an impressive 80 percent protein.”

petinfo“Protein quality can vary greatly between conventional and natural pet foods,” notes Townshend. “Foods that use higher-quality proteins typically have higher digestibility, meaning that a higher percentage of nutrients are absorbed into the body and used for fuel.” Early on, natural pet food companies made products stand out by using hormone- and antibiotic-free meats; newer companies up the game with free-range, organic, or human-grade proteins. And because pets can develop allergies to proteins, such as chicken and beef, you’ll see unique alternatives such as bison, venison, kangaroo, duck, and cod.”   Read Full Article Here



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