Beauty Care Tips sent in by a Blog Subscriber:

  1. Only use distilled water when washing face & wash  lightly. Do not use face clothes, only use your hands and fingers.
  2. Do not do a mask, its too harsh on sensitive skin.
  3. Be careful with scrubs, do very lightly and mostly only on the areas that skin gets built up (like above the lip, in the corner of the nose and on the forward).  Don’t scrub your face.  Natural scrubs such as those made with honey, oatmeal, sesame seeds, etc. are better.
  4. Add Vitamin E oil to your face cream and hand cream.
  5. The Dermatological cleanser tends to be milder for the face if you want a cleanser.
  6. It’s important to use toner before moisturizer because it’s a carrier for helping the moisturizer be effective.

More Tips:

  • If you get sun spots on your arms then try Selsum Blue Shampoo.  It has the same ingredients that a prescription would have to stop fungus that is on the skin.
  • Speaking of fungus….There seem to be a lot of articles and books on that topic now.  Most of the prescriptions for this is just a band-aid.  Natural products like Oregano oil, fermented foods, coconut oil, and bentonite clay, used in a long term program seems to be the most effective.
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